So Brave


Things are turning a corner. Last week I was informed that I got a new job at my current company, it is a promotion and its the most excited I’ve ever been about a role.

In addition to that, I’ve been stressed, busy, driving all over the place for the past couple of weeks, but this weekend, I just stayed home and did yard work, cleaned up my car, tidied up the house, and relaxed.

We did make time to sneak into Pittsburgh and visit The Strip. The kids and I love The Strip, lots of vendors, tasty food, toys, sounds, and people. On our way back to the car, I dared the kids to go into an old abandoned building filled with graffiti. Winston first agreed and when he made it to the center without consequence, his sister joined too. I told them I wanted to snap their picture and their faces convey, “I am so not scared by this.”


We also went to Target and did reconnaissance on the Halloween section and costumes. We can have fun anywhere.

I am traveling down to DC for a couple of days this week and a big Pepper Festival in Pittsburgh this weekend. Perhaps I can goad someone into eating the Carolina Reaper pepper!

Unplugging In West Virginia


I had once driven by Seneca Rocks (featured above) and thought, I need to climb up to the top of them. I couldn’t that day, I was in a hurry from one point to another, but filed it away for a later date.

The past couple of weeks at work have really stressed me. By Thursday, my head was beginning to hurt and I knew that I was on an unsustainable course, I suggested to Jaclyn that we take a little trip into West Virginia for a day to push the reset button. We booked a hotel room at the Canaan Valley Resort which was extremely reasonable and a great value for the money. It was well maintained, modern furnishings, had an indoor swimming pool and arcade! There were also ski lifts, bike riding, golf, cabins, and camping sites too. Before we checked into the hotel, we drove to Seneca Rocks, which were about 30-40 minutes away. On our drive to the rocks, we passed 3 cattle that escaped from a farm and were running full speed on the right lane of the highway. A couple miles later a big black bear bolted in front of our car, which gave us a fright, then we were all scared on the bear’s behalf as it narrowly avoided getting hit by a tractor trailer carrying enormous pieces of timber.


The trail to the top of Seneca Rocks is relatively short, maybe a mile or two, but it is a barrage of switch backs that get the blood pumping in your legs. At the top, they encourage you to stop at the observation platform, which is just short of the rocky peak. More adventurous folks scale the rocks just beyond the platform to get to the top of the top. I climbed up about half way, snapped the picture above, and felt a tremendous amount of fear take over and descended back down to the safety of the platform. A half dozen more sure footed crazy people were lounging on the sunny rocks at the top, nestled on a 10-15 foot wide area with sheer cliffs dropping hundreds of feet on each side.


The resort had tons of wildlife and the deer were fully aware that hunting was not permitted there. It was not uncommon to drive slowly feet away from half a dozen deer grazing, they were outside our hotel room balcony, and we could even see them hanging outside the window while we were taking advantage of the indoor swimming pool.


We hiked down to the bottom of Blackwater Falls, it was a very loud waterfall, but beautiful and easy to navigate with well maintained stairs.


The arcade had Guitar Hero and I managed to get my name on the high score list on several occasions. The image above is for my performance of La Grange by ZZ Top.