Went to Coudersport, PA a couple weekends ago with my family and my parents. It is known for its dark skies which are perfect for star gazing. We got there on a beautiful Friday night and to top it all off, we were there in prime time for a meteor shower. Not long after settling in round a camp fire, we saw a ball of flaming rock tumbling over the horizon for a good 2 seconds before it disappeared. It is such a startling sight, seeing the flaming object with a long tail of light behind it, it seemed like it was inevitably heading for earth and would wipe some town off the map, but I guess it just burnt up in the atmosphere as the failing NY Times did not report any catastrophes caused by meteor.

Later that night, I remember hearing the sound of a cooler being thrown violently to the ground. Like a giant picking it up over their head and slamming it onto the ground. The next morning we observed the cooler had indeed been tossed around, complete with teeth punctures from a bear. Inside the cooler was a styrofoam container housing leftover turkey, the styrofoam was neatly opened and licked clean, looked like it was never used used, not a single dent or hole, the bear tenderly consumed the turkey. The bear did bite into a giant can of Fosters beer, would have loved to have caught that on camera!

Our route home to Pittsburgh had us zigzagging through Elk County and we did our best to stop off at observation points to find a grazing herd of elk. We did not see any elk, but Jaclyn, the kids, and I all did our best to cajole the elk to us with our best elk bugle imitation. It was to no avail, but we were somewhat satisfied to come across some elk scat.

My iPhone is the primary navigation tool and we were now way outside the realm of cell phone signal. We used the car’s compass to head into the right direction for about 45 minutes until we got signal and our navigator back.

I like to admit when I am wrong about things and I was really wrong about Netflix. A couple years ago, I remember Netflix mentioning that they were going to produce their own show(s), perhaps it was House of Cards. I think I said something like this, “That is the dumbest idea ever, no one will ever subscribe to Netflix just for their own shows, they will always have to rely on big mainstream produced content.” I was totally wrong and have nowhere near the time to watch all the original Netflix content that I would want to watch.

Went to Michigan for work last week, drove all over the state. I saw lots of trees and the sign for the road “8 Mile” that Eminem made famous. Will be visiting again for fun sometime, but will hug the great lakes when there for recreation.

We turned our backyard into a haunted forest trail for the neighborhood on Friday. It was so wonderful to have all the neighborhood parents participate (their performances were wonderful, loved the jokes, pirate acting, and scares). I always tell Jaclyn that I do not vote in elections because I just want to be president of my backyard, I have been very proud of our backyard & entire community the past couple of years.

My new job will be wonderful, but I have a lot to learn as this role is very different from my last job. As a result, I will be cramming through the end of the year, but 2018 should be one of the best years yet.



A friend of mine, who is black, mentioned that they need to start exercising again. I asked what they plan to do. The person replied, I will definitely join a gym, if I am going for a jog in the public, the police will interpret as me running from something. As I ran that scenario through my mind, it almost seemed comical, but my friend was serious.

All this heated debate about kneeling during the National anthem has me thinking of Frederick Douglas speaking about the Fourth of July, I had to give it another read.


Not saying anyone is right or wrong, just saying it would go a long way to seek to understand versus yelling into the ether of the internet.