For a couple of weeks now, this is what I see every day. It is so darn cold, even though we shoveled, we couldn’t peel the layer of snowy ice from the walk/driveway. We start the mornings in single digits and get up to 10 or 15 degrees during the day. This weather ruins ambition!


Had the opportunity to visit New Orleans for a sales meeting. We had a free night and I went to Frenchmen Street which is known to usually have good music. I walked into a bar that had a brass band blasting amazing music. I went up to the bartender and asked for a Coor’s Light and he gave it to me on the house, said it was a big celebration for a cigar company’s 50th anniversary. It was open bar with amazing music, a good deal. The band was doing an amazing show when they started marching off the stage (while still playing their hearts out) and then marched by all the people in the audience towards the back of the bar, people started to follow them, I followed too. They led us through a long dark hallways and we emerged in a courtyard (pictured below) where the band played a couple more songs and everyone was smoking cigars…New Orleans, I love that place.


On my way to New Orleans, my flights were delayed. It was snowing and everything was freezing, this was the view outside my plane window. A briefly occurred to me that this is not ideal weather to fly or land a plane, but I pushed that thought away and listened to music. I’ve gotten super into the band called The National, I am not sure many other people will enjoy them as much as me, but I am feeling them now.


My kids have shown on a number of occasions that they forget they are really from the eastern part of Pennsylvania, they are Philly kids. To them, they have spent the more substantial part of their existence in Pittsburgh and they much more identify themselves with that part of the state. To remedy this, I took them to Philadelphia to give them a deep indoctrination of what makes Philly great. We saw the Liberty Bell, Independence Hall, Ben Franklin’s printing press, made them try a cheesesteak at the Reading Terminal Market, and the were pretty much unsatisfied with the experience. On our way back to the car the kids saw the ornamental street decorations indicated we were a block away from Chinatown and they begged me to let them walk through Chinatown. I said, “Sure, you can go to Chinatown, but you will not like it. You’ll see dead ducks hanging in the windows and lots of advertisements for massages, nothing you’ll like.” The kids persisted and found the store pictured below, it was the most magical store the kids ever discovered, filled with all the things they loved. This was the highlight of their trip to Philly.


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