A Significant Accomplishment


It has been cold in Pittsburgh. We are fortunate enough to have a tranquil lake in the neighborhood with a trail around it. Benny walked on the ice and seemed to be surprised he was not getting wet.

Rusty Gold Brewing in the little town of Canonsburg, PA (birthplace of Perry Como!). I was eating our foods and trying the beers, I saw a chalkboard advertising the 3 Rings of Death Challenge.



I convinced one guy to do it and we tried the challenge last night.





The challenge was brutal. The wings were coated in ghost pepper and Carolina Reaper sauce, it was horribly hot. My initial plan was to eat all 8 wings in about 1-2 minutes just to hustle through it and get to the burn portion as fast as possible. Unfortunately, after eating 4 of the 8 wings, my body decided it was not on board with this challenge and it became nearly impossible to eat them fast. I committed myself to powering through and finished the last wing with about 5 seconds remaining. The restaurant required I wear gloves and after the challenge, I was forbidden from wiping my face, drinking fluids or eating anything. I just had to wait for 5 minutes in excruciating pain. Where the sauce was on my face around my mouth, it just burned the heck out of my skin.


Finally, the 5 minutes went by and I was crowned champion of the challenge and they took my picture and gave me the free t-shirt. It was an awesome experience, I felt very triumphant. Jac was less enthusiastic as she thought I was going to die from the ordeal.

The kids got to watch me eat them too, they’ll have some funny memories of me when they grow up!


2 thoughts on “A Significant Accomplishment

  1. So how hot is this really? Have you ever had Dave’s Insanity sauce? We did our own wing challenge similar with 8 of those and also some Reaper sauce which, the Reaper sauce (ghost and carolina reaper pepper) was less hot than the Dave’s. Either way I think I’ll be heading over to do this challenge 😀


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