Knighthouse Review – Doylestown PA

RKDeem Endorses – My wife and I celebrated our anniversary this week at the Knighthouse in Doylestown.  The Knighthouse is always winning awards and I haven’t heard a bad thing about it, but it’s on the outskirts of town and we have never ate there before.  Tuesday night seemed like a perfect night to go, figured it would be a slow night and we’d have the place to ourselves, I was only half right.  The outside seating was packed and it looked like everyone was loose and having fun, we asked the host if he could get us a seat out there, but there wasn’t a table available.  He seated us in the inside dining area and we literally had the entire room to ourselves.  The inside of the place won’t knock you out with glitz and glam, it’s actually pretty basic.  We constantly had waiters and waitresses buzzing back and forth to make their way outdoors and patrons were barreling in to use the restrooms, but none of that was an issue because we had an incredible waitress who was one part courteous, one part happy, and one part on top of her game.  Everything was prompt and correct and a glass never went past half full (I’m an optimist!). 

The food was delicious, we started off with lobster mac n’cheese and there was plenty of lobster in every bite.  I had steak and Jac had the salmon, we both felt that the meal was top notch. 

We had no idea, in fact, I hope Jac doesn’t read this, but it turns out they run a special on weeknights.  If you buy one entree, you get the other half off.  This promotion ended up saving us $11 from the bill. 

The Knighthouse isn’t my favorite restaurant ever, I still love the Black Bass, Hamilton Grill, and Marsha Brown’s a tiny bit more, but I’d say the Knighthouse would fall in my top ten. 

Back to School – We had our first back to school night for Winston’s preschool.  We had to sit in their tiny preschool chairs, I felt like King Kong on a bar stool.  The teacher had no comments about individual students, but in the back of my mind, I keep waiting for the eventual moment when the teacher tells me my son is a wild thing. 

Sunglasses – Last night Winston was trying on sunglasses, he never wore hats or sunglasses before, but now he’s more open to dressing up.  He loves scaring people too, in fact, I think he’s going to get a real kick out of Halloween this year.  I think we’ll have to get a video of him scaring people. 

This Weekend – This weekend we’re going to try to make it to Times Square.  Its ambiteous, but I think the huge Toys R Us with the Ferris Wheel will literally blow Winston and Dalia’s mind.  There’s not many places that really make me stare in awe anymore, but New York City always impresses me with its size, I think the small island has an inferiority complex.