Christmas Time

Christmas just came out of nowhere for me this year.  I had been working like a dog and busy with the family and kids and the next thing I knew it was Christmas Eve and I still had shopping to do!  Thank goodness for gift cards and shopping malls. 

Growing up, I looked forward to Christmas with such excitement and wonder, I loved the thought of Santa Claus, I loved the whole idea of wanting a gift really bad, but not knowing if you were good enough to actually earn it.  I loved the family dinners, I loved getting up early, I loved the stockings, the wrapping paper, the thrill of breaking out your gifts and playing with them all day and all night and waking up on the day after Christmas and checking out your gifts again to make sure it wasn’t a wonderful dream. 

This was the Christmas that I was most excited about, I couldn’t wait to see that look in Winston’s eyes, I knew he would just love the presents more than anything.  I knew he’d love Christmas just as much as I did when I was little.  Dalia liked Christmas too, she got beautiful clothing and My Little Ponies, but of course, she mostly enjoyed all the food. 

Thank you to all the family members who shared the holiday with us, my family loves you all and appreciates everything you do for us.  We had fun.  I really loved Jaclyn’s dinner on Christmas night, she’s the real deal, makes a meal that you might never forget.  When she puts her mind to something, she is the best at anything she does. 

Here are some photos from the holiday.  The last couple are of a hiking trip I took yesterday in the town of Jim Thorpe.  We hiked up a trail called Glen Onoko Falls.  The trail is only a mile and a half, but it is grueling and steep, but had some spectacular views.  The gentleman in the photo is San Diego Dave, he’s back from San Diego for about a week, what a pleasure catching up with him.  Miss having a fellow adventurer around all the time.

Winston admiring his presents on Christmas morning 

I purchased this jacket for Dalia at Pearl River in Soho, NY

Me with a new hat and a new Call of Duty Strategy Guide!

Winston just hanging out in his new Thomas the Train pajamas

Dalia enjoying one of Winston’s presents

This is how Winston fell asleep on Christmas, he didn’t want the day to end, and he wanted to sleep next to the glorious tree

Dave in front of one of the many waterfalls at Glen Onoko

In the top right, you can see the hint of more waterfalls

This is the waterfall at the peak, about 50 feet high

This is the photo I took at the top of the highest waterfall at the top of the peak, I was too close for comfort, hung for my life on a big tree