Odds & Ends

First of all, please take a look at my sister’s blog to see some funny pics of Winston, Dalia, and their cousin Madisyn. 

Finally caught up on Lost.  Still sticking by my theory, all the characters are pawns in a game, but have control over their destinies.  The final season has been a bit of a disappointment for me, focusing too much on the drama and love stories, not very much on the anthropology, science, math, time space continuum stuff.  Overall though, the show does drama well and I’m always excited to see a new episode.  I used to think that I’d someday go back and watch all the shows again and see how all the pieces were building to the ultimate conclusion, I’m now realizing a lot of it was just filler and not as important as I thought it was.

Last night stunk.  Both kids ended up in our bed in the middle of the night, Winston started coughing a lot, so Jac gave him a cough drop.  Cough drop made him throw up.  Dalia wakes up and starts screaming.  Puke on floor, screaming baby, disgruntled husband who was up late working and watching Lost, and poor Jac was at the center of it, like the eye of a hurricane, calm with chaos all around. 

This morning we were all scattered, I ended up in Dalia’s room, asleep on a twin bed in there, she was snuggled up next to me.  Winston was sprawled out on Jac and my bed, and Jaclyn was on Winston’s bed in his room.  It is like musical beds.  This will pass and hopefully it is out of their system before they stay at my parent’s house on Saturday.

My blog used to be at blog.rkdeemreport.com and it got close to 500 hits a week, when I changed it over to rkdeemreport.com it went way down to about 30 hits a week because it changed how Google cataloged all my previous entries.  As my entries on this new site pile up, I’m back to over 300 hits a week.  Thanks again to everyone who reads.

Change of Format

RKDeem Endorses:  Tonelli’s Restaurant in Horsham.  Here’s what is awesome about Tonelli’s, you seat yourself at lunch and help yourself to free refills, their pizza is insanely good, and they have plenty of TVs to watch “the game”.  Here’s what is incredible about Tonelli’s, you can get six packs of beer through their drive through take out window.

Sports:  The Bulldogs moved up into a more competitive division and we won our first two games.  No thanks to me, I had one of my most horrible offensive performances that I can remember.  That’s what has been really fun about this season, when some folks aren’t getting it done, other teammates pick it up and shine. 

Entertainment:  I watched Apocalypto this weekend.  It definitely held my attention, but I wouldn’t recommend it, unless you love crazy tribal violence (according to my research, that’s 0.3% of my blog audience).  The movie is about two hours, the first hour is about hard times falling on a tribe, getting their huts burned, women raped, and children killed, the men were tied up and taken away to some crazy pyramid.  Second hour of the movie starts off with several beheadings, a solar eclipse, and then the hard luck tribe exacts revenge by killing everyone that messed with their village.  Moral of the story, don’t mess with indians, oh wait, America did it and we turned out alright. 

Weekend Activities:  We went to Jim Thorpe on Saturday and had a blast.  I’ve talked about Jim Thorpe before and I think the town is gorgeous.  The Lehigh River runs through town and it roars through the valley with enough current to make it popular with the kayakers and white water rafters.  It also has a bunch of hiking and biking trails and attracts a lot of the granola folks.  The town itself has fancy restaurants, a concert hall, and the reason we were there, a railroad that runs along the Lehigh River.  We knew Winston would love the train, but we all had a blast.  It was a lot more reasonable than the New Hope train and you go on a longer ride.  If you do happen to travel to Jim Thorpe, get there early because it gets very busy and traffic crawls through the main road during the height of the day.     

You Said What?:  If you can believe it, I have a parent teacher conference this Tuesday for Winston’s pre-school.  He’s only been there for one class, but it blows my mind that I’ll be meeting with a teacher about my son.  Seems way too grown up.